Social Insecurity - By Peter Geckeler

“Will Social Security be around when I retire?”

Only Once In a Lifetime - By Jerry Black

For most people some things occur only once in a lifetime. They meet with an attorney to get their estate planning documents done and once completed they never look at them again. I’ll come back to this point in a few paragraphs.

Miracle of Dunkirk & Churchill - "Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization"

Dear Friends,

An Investment World Full of Headlines - By Chris Cushman

TV, Internet, and newspapers are filled with bad news. Horrific headlines scream at us everywhere we turn. How can we invest in a world falling constantly falling apart?? Here are some tips to remember:

Into the Storm - By Branden Côté

Financial Life Map - By Peter Geckeler

73.7% and You’re Out of Here - By Jerry Black

Not too long ago that was the message given to a well known and highly respected football coach. During his tenure, his teams had won 73.7% of their games. That’s impressive!! Not many coaches achieve such a fine record. The problem? What have you done for us lately?? His team had not won a championship in recent years and that was not acceptable.

It's Not Fair - By Jerry Black

I remember saying that to my mother one time. She minced no words with her reply “Son – you best get rid of that thinking because life is not fair.” My parents had done something for my brother they didn’t also do for me. Were they loving me less? Did they think less of me? Absolutely not. What they were doing was in my best interest.

Gambling versus Investing: Do You Know What You Own? - By Branden Côté

Emergency Cash vs. Goal Cash: What do you need? - By Chris Cushman

Let’s first look at an example of an emergency, then let’s tackle some quick takeaways.

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