Aaron Eppard

Aaron joined LPA in July of 2018 after completing his Financial Planning degree at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Aaron first met members of the LPA team at the Kingdom Advisors in Orlando, Florida, and it became quickly evident to him that there mutually shared values in finances, life, and relationships; as they are all interconnected. The quality of the firm attributed to with the warm weather, the great football, and southern hospitality that is Georgia became an irresistible opportunity.

Aaron was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley within the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. His parents are the pastors of his home church, Victory Worship Center, and have been since October 1983. He and his family have always been actively involved in sports, whether it was playing five different sports in high school, or being actively involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This passion for sports and ministry has been a building block for an attitude of engaging and serving the community.

Aaron’s passion is to know people, engage people, and serve people. This passion is met by LPA’s belief that everything affects everything, and allows him to pursue assisting and supporting LPA and clients in whatever ways necessary.

Aaron is actively searching for a church home, and plans to continue to be actively involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes within the community. Another community that he, his family, and home church are equally passionate about is the nation of Haiti. They are beginning the process of starting businesses, athletic camps, and other opportunities in Haiti, all in the effort of Advancing Christ Through Sports (ACTSports).

Aaron strives to assist and support people in their pursuit of financial stability, their passions, and their relationships with the same intentionality that has been expressed to him by so many individuals in his life.


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