March 2018

Virtues or Values - By Jerry Black

My basic nature is to think, to contemplate. I contemplate a lot of things and some things I contemplate a lot. I find peace in a noisy world when I contemplate on what is good, true and gratuitous. I think it’s a good discipline to contemplate. In this present day, the noisy world I contemplate too on what seems to be - not right.

More Perspectives on Estate & Legacy Planning - By Chris Cushman

In our last blog, we talked about viewing the future through the lens of impact and possibility. Now let’s look at some of the keys to having a positive impact both now and after you pass away.

An Advisor’s Value can Increase as the Value of Your Account Decreases - By Peter Geckeler

I began working in the financial planning industry in 2013. Since then, we have seen the Dow & S&P almost double in value with historically low volatility. From an investment standpoint, any retail investor would have had a hard time not increasing their account value over this time span; however, the investment environment has not always been this kind to investors.

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