April 2020

2020 Required Minimum Distributions

Did you know... The CARES Act includes a provision permitting a one-year delay in RMDs. Thus, any distribution that would otherwise be due this year would be deferred to next year; and, likewise, distributions due in later years would also be deferred.

Wars, Plagues, Calamities and Deaths A Perspective - By Jerry Black

It’s been said the coronavirus malaise we presently experience is a war. As you review this please don’t mistake me for being insensitive about whatever our current deaths have been or may yet occur. However, the present noise of today can mislead us in perspective. In previous wars or calamities, the masses were mobilized.

For Whom The Bell Tolls - By Jerry Black

For Whom the Bell Tolls - By John Donne:

Scary Times - By Jerry Black

Scary Times? Without question! Uncertain Times? Without Question!

So, what’s new? It’s always something different, isn’t it?

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