Books and Resources

Books and Resources for Young Children

Financial Peace Jr. for Kids - For kids ages 3-12

Raising Financially Fit Kids - For parents with kids ages 5-18

Raising Financially Confident Kids - For parents with kids ages 5-18

For children Pre-K - 2nd Grade - Children begin to understand notions of cost and value in their preschool years. These activities will help introduce money basics and put young children on the path toward financial literacy. All lessons and guides obtained from

Making Spending Decisions Student Lesson

Making Spending Decisions Parent Guide

Spending Plans Student Lesson

Spending Plans Parent Guide

Earning Money Student Lesson

Earning Money Parent Guide

What is Money Student Lesson

What is Money Parent Guide

For children 3rd - 6th Grade - The foundation for smart money management is laid at an early age. These lessons are for children in grades three through six and will introduce simple saving, banking and cost comparison concepts.

Allowances and Spending Student Lesson 

Allowances and Spending Parent Guide 

Money Responsibility Student Lesson

Money Responsibility Parent Guide

Saving and Investing Student Lesson

Saving and Investing Parent Guide

For children 7th - 8th Grade - Middle school is a critical time for students to build on financial basics learned in elementary school, while creating a strong foundation for the money management skills they will learn in high school and beyond. These comprehensive, standards-based lessons feature corresponding parent/teachers' guides & student activities

Making Decisions Student Lesson

Making Decisions Parent Guide

Making Money Student Lesson

Making Money Parent Guide

Budgeting Student Lesson

Budgeting Parent Guide

Living on your own Student Lesson

Living on your own Parent Guide

Buying a home Student Guide

Buying a home Parent Guide

Credit Student Lessons

Credit Parent Guide

Credit Cards Student Lesson

Credit Cards Parent Guide

Cars and Loans Student Lesson

Cars and Loans Parent Guide

The Influence of Advertising Student Lesson

The Influence of Advertising Parent Guide

Consumer Awareness Student Lesson

Consumer Awareness Parent Guide

Saving and Investing Student Lesson

Saving and Investing Parent Guide

In Trouble Student Lesson

In Trouble Parent Guide

Consumer Privacy Student Lesson

Consumer Privacy Parent Guide




Books and Resources for High School and College

For Parents:

Saving for College & Grad School

5 things needed to know before college/before going out on their own

For Kids:

Saving for College & Grad School

Best money moves after graduating college

Student debt - what you need to know

Money Management for College Students (Larry Burkett)

Why Didn't They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By

The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers


Dave Ramsey for college students

Dave Ramsey

Compass curriculum for High school or college students


Books and Resources for Young Families

Money & Marriage by Matt Bell

Complete Financial Guide For Young Couples (Christian Financial Concept) by Larry Burket

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

Crown Ministries


Books and resources for Empty Nesters and Seniors


The Parent Care solutions by Dan Taylor

Splitting Heirs by Ron Blue

Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall

To Whom Much is Given by Jay Link

Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things by Jay Link

Long-term Care by Phyllis Shelton


Dave Ramsey for college students

Family Life – Weekend to Remember for couples

Other Resources


Data Gathering Form for Initial Client Meetings

Vision, Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths Profile

The Stewardship Solution Scorecard

The Quality of Life Gauge

The Wisdom Wealth Questionnaire 


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