3 Key Questions - Start with the End in Mind

Jennifer Hester |

There are 3 key long-term questions to ask yourself when it comes to your wealth:

1. How much is enough for you?
2. How much is enough for your heirs?
3. What do you do with what’s left over?

Many people work careers they don’t enjoy because they don’t know how much is enough. Some people put off retirement out of fear. Others listen to our accumulation culture. We live in a world that says we should always desire more. There is always a new gadget/car/house to buy.
The only value in money is in its use. What’s the purpose of money in your life? Does it proclaim your success? Does it help alleviate fear? Do you control it or does it control you? Do you use it for joy or does joy come primarily from other places? These are tough questions and if we’re honest with ourselves, I think our answers will reveal a lot about our lives.

Determining how much is enough for you will help you know more about yourself. It will show how much to save, how to invest, and how long you will need to work. I can also reveal your capacity to give and have an impact on the world around you. Many other questions are answered by determining this key number. If you don’t know this number then give us a call and we’ll ask the tough questions that lead to foundational clarity!

Stay Tuned as we address the other key questions in my upcoming blogs!