These 5 Fs are inescapable in your life! Every person has them; every family has them.



  • There is no such thing as a purely financial decision.
  • We believe everything affects everything else.
  • What you know and believe will affect what you choose to do!



We call the diagram below the 5 Fs of your life.

The Five F's

Here is what we know about the importance of knowing these 5 Fs in your life...

You may discover:

  • The purpose for your life.
  • The purpose for your wealth and its potential lasting impact beyond your lifetime.
  • How to leverage your remaining time, talents and treasure to do the most good for the most people.
  • How to adequately prepare your heirs for their inheritance, so it will bless and not harm.
  • How to transition from a life of financial success to a life of greater personal significance.