Answering The Call - By Aaron Eppard

Jennifer Hester |

Personally, I would define life as a continual transition, consisting of both the expected and unexpected thus allowing me to better understand Frank Sinatra’s classic, ‘That’s Life’. Throughout my childhood, I lived in many different houses, went to many different schools, and had many different friends. Yet as I reflected recently on this period of my life I was able to notice the constants that remained in the middle of all the motion. Of these being my church, my family (including those which are seemingly the like), and ultimately my faith. Correlating how these important pieces played vital roles in my development as a person, I could not notice but just how blessed I was to be surrounded by such wise counsel. I considered what made these many different people who they actually were, and I came to the conclusion that it was the very ideals that they surrounded me with, faith and family.

Fast forwarding to the present day, I endeavor to embody the same genuine character that was continually exemplified by these very people in my own life and relationships. Understanding that we are who we spend our time with, I wanted to ensure that as I transition into this period of life, that I was firmly surrounded by individuals with the aforementioned values. After interviewing and developing a relationship with everyone at Legacy Planning Advisors, it was evident that these values were clearly embodied by everyone and the firm. Granted the opportunity, it became obvious that I wanted to be a part of all that was being done at Legacy Planning Advisors and was welcomed to the team. Entering this period of time in my life, I am thankful for those that have valued me, my perspective, and my growth. I am equally thankful for the opportunity to continue to enhance my perspective, my relationships, and my faith through working here with everyone involved with Legacy Planning Advisors.