Avoid the Consumptive Lifestyle - By Abby Smith

Jennifer Hester |

Once in a while a Scripture will strike me in a way that captures my attention. We have recently been challenged to memorize the 10 Transcendent Principles for Wise Counsel for our Clients and the supporting Scripture. In this exercise, one particular passage has stood out for me: “Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness!” Ecclesiastes 5:10 (italics added for emphasis). I think a combination of how plainly this is stated in conjunction with the underlying principle that I found so impactful, in that way that makes you stop and think! Wealth and the things that we own are only for a time and these things do not provide relationship, security, happiness or even purpose. I pray that we do not lose sight of what is truly meaningful and of valuable. If you would like to reset your values and priorities, please call; we enjoy these conversations with you.