Bringing Balance to Life - By Branden Côté

Jennifer Hester |


We are pulled in many different directions in the busyness of life. I, myself am guilty. Many of these directions include family, work, church, physical training, & rest. However, this list can go on and on it seems. What one would give to have an uncomplicated life again. Similar to those much earlier childhood or adolescent days.

If you were to take a moment to recall some of your favorite moments then, do any involve the seesaw or “teeter totter”? Many of mine do. I can vividly visualize my adolescent days being spent teetering around on the well-liked “see saw”. For you Post-Millennials, allow me to oblige with an explanation of what this is. Envision a plank of wood laying across a stationary support, known as the fulcrum. As you stand on one end of the plank you’ll notice the opposing end going up. Step off & the opposing end goes down. The seesaw. Now let’s combine the principle of the seesaw with a capital perspective? Explicitly, three distinct & vital sources of capital:

• Social Capital: is a foundational resource allowing one to relate to society & develop the character qualities required to effectively interact with society. Such as Morality, the component which facilitates the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

• Spiritual Capital: manifests itself in knowing Scripture & applying these absolutes to life. In turn this enables us to walk by our faith, strengthen husband & wife marriages, raise our children & to love others.

• Financial Capital: includes money & material assets such as land, clothing & possessions. This capital would be all for naught if the preceding two sources of capital are not present or established.

Life is about balance. It will always have the ups and downs of a seesaw, but we can control these fluctuations by managing & prioritizing our Capital. When this is achieved, we stand a better chance for balance in our life. Financial capital becomes a non-issue when it is used simply as a tool. It is a means to an end to establish the more important capital in our lives, social & spiritual capital. Do you need to talk through the issues of life balance with someone? Give us a call!