College Football Starts Soon - By Aaron Eppard

Jennifer Hester |

As a Quarterback in high school, as well as leading the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at my school, being a ‘Huddle Leader’ was at the essence of my everyday life. The lessons that these experiences taught me will be carried with me for the rest of my life. I gleaned from the wisdom of coaches, mentors, and leaders in my life, and something each of them expressed to me in different ways was to know your huddle.

As the Quarterback, I had to know my guys: the personnel on the field, where and when they needed to be, and most of all how to work with them. Through this, I also had to know my coach, and what he was wanting to accomplish. I knew that when he put certain players in the game, it was for a certain purpose. For example, we had an offensive lineman, who was undersized for the position. However, he had a tenacity for the game, matched by an innate quickness. Over time, I learned that when we brought him into the game and ran out of 21 personnel (2 running backs & 1 tight end on the field); Coach was wanting to add athleticism to our front line to run the ball more to the outside edge of the field.

Football lingo is over. Please don’t feel lost, just know that there was a reason for my coach’s decision to put that player in the game.

Just like my coach’s intent for bringing certain players into the game, and running certain plays, thus is life. Life brings us many experiences, circumstances, challenges, victories, etc. Each of these can be used for a purpose. For that to happen, we must know our huddle. We must seek to know our role, others’ roles, the situation at hand, and where it’s taking us.

We must keep the end goal in mind.

For football, that was scoring a touchdown, winning the game, going to the playoffs, championships, and so on. For life, our goals MUST be measurable and realistic. For each person, once these goals are understood, then you work with your huddle. In terms of financial goals, there can be many players in the huddle. You, the financial planner, the CPA, the estate attorney, insurance professional, etc.

As financial planners, it's our role to work with you to determine what personnel needs to be on the field for certain plays, helping to seek what plays to run, and much more. Your goals: your ‘touchdown’, your ‘game to win’, and ‘championship’ to work towards is what we’re keeping in focus. To be purposely driven towards seeking what needs to be done in order to do what is sought to be accomplished.

Know Who’s in Your Huddle. Have questions? We are here to help! Give us a call.