Do Something!!! - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

I’m sure you have heard, as I have, the expression: Don’t just do nothing – Do something!!! Sometimes that’s what we feel like doing – just doing something rather than nothing. Sometimes it just makes us feel better doesn’t it? Just the activity of doing something – for crying out loud. BUT that’s the problem sometimes and it results in us wanting to cry out loud – saying - I just can’t believe I did that. For most investors(I would re- characterize as speculators) that’s exactly what happens. It’s a well proven FACT that most investors shoot proverbial holes in the feet by – Just doing Something – for crying out loud. They make changes to their portfolios believing that just doing something will resolve the problem – when the problem is not the portfolio. It’s how the person is thinking and or feeling. Sometimes it’s just in your DNA – to do something. Are you working with someone who will know you and speak truth to you – even if it means risking the relationship? Not sure? Let’s have a conversation.