Everyone Has The Same Amount of Time to Spend In Retirement - By Branden Côté

Jennifer Hester |


24 hours a day - 168 hours a week. We have all been entrusted the same amount of time. The difference lies within its use. In the lives of clients and family members, I have made several observations that aren’t as conventional as you might expect from a family who is “retired”. A few of these are:

• “Leisure-life limitations” – you can only fill so many “tee times” in a week.
• Time goes unused & predetermined goals aren’t achieved.
• Lack of clarity on where and how to utilize assets. This inhibits their ability to truly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This unfortunately happens more than you’d expect. Understanding how to rectify or avoid the misuse of your most valuable asset (time) can be the keystone to ensuring your ideal life of leisure remains stable. Some important factors to help build a healthier perspective can be:

• Engage at any age. Don’t focus on preconceived restraints, you decide when you are finished.
• Determining how much is enough?
• Retire “to” something and not “from” something. Focus on hobbies or that bucket list you’ve created.
• The limitations of leisure-life are real. Understand how to equalize these, filling your calendar accordingly.
• Define your purpose. The money you’ve saved can only fund it. It’s up to you to define & enjoy it.

The time entrusted to us is the only asset we will not be able to utilize again. How confident are you in your plan for its use? Need to chat? Give us a call!

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