Everything Effects Everything Else - By Chris Cushman

Jennifer Hester |

This phrase accurately explains why life situations can get very complex. Here are 3 quick points to help you today:

1. Understand that the way you react to situations might have nothing to do with that situation. Example: How do you treat people when you’re hungry and tired? Don’t react, respond appropriately. Understand what is influencing you.
2. When dealing with multiple competing priorities, understand the difference between needs and wants while you recognize the short-term vs the long-term. If you sacrifice the important for the urgent everyday then you will never do anything important.
3. There are 5 intertwined “Fs” in everyone’s life; Finances, family, faith, feelings, and facts.

When you make a financial decision, what’s influencing that choice? Money is only a tool for life impact, so what is the real reason “Why?” If you need clarity about financial choices and life impact then give us a call!