Faith & Prudence - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Faith is an interesting character. Faith is so good in so many ways and just seems to always have a good spirit about herself. There are times when Faith just steps forward when the future seems so uncertain. Faith has encountered many difficulties and uncertainties in life and yet still remains optimistic about the future. Times in the past have been tough for Faith and financial resources have been lacking for periods with uncertainty, yet those who know Faith would say she is a testimony for how to live life. In fact, there have been times when Faith has given generously out of her love for others. Faith has a friend; her name is Prudence. Prudence is also an interesting character. She possesses attributes Faith admires. Often, Faith asks Prudence to join her in life journeys and Prudence says she needs to think about it. Prudence is much more likely to consider outcomes. That’s not to say Faith doesn’t, she processes differently. Prudence usually considers the possibilities longer, though not always. Faith likes Prudence because of how she considers things. In the end because Prudence has a friend in Faith, Prudence will take the leap with Faith. I’ve chosen to write this little allegory because of the times we seem to be experiencing. The markets are more volatile this year. The “noise” of this world has become oh so very loud, and at times somewhat raucous. Those who have followed our counsel this year know we said at the beginning of this year the markets would be more volatile this year. Volatility actually ramped up in the last quarter of 2018. Faith and Prudence are giving us by their very names how we should continue to see the present and future. We know not the future, that requires faith. Because we know not the near present or even the long term future we should be prudent in both our life and financial decision making. We are here to help you in both regards. Give us a call.