Financial Literacy

Jennifer Hester |

In less than 12 minutes Alexa Von Tobel shares some staggering facts about the lack of personal financial literacy in our nation. Watch now. 

You may be like me and have wondered at one point or another, “Why in middle and high school was I taught the Pythagorean Theorem, yet not taught the ideals of compounding interest, investing, and paying down debt?” Alexa Von Tobel addresses this topic in her TED Talk entitled “One life-changing class you never took.” Most individuals experience the disheartening realities of debt and waiting to save, and for some it may seem its already too late to ultimately reach their goals. This topic reinforces why we here at Legacy Planning Group put such an emphasis on financial literacy and endeavors to empower our clients to established financial and life goals. We know that each financial decision is a faith decision, which is why we hang our hat on principles such as spending less than you earn, minimizing(or eliminating) the use of debt, maintaining liquidity, and understanding God owns it all. This is a great video to watch, and share with your children and friends. If anything in this video struck a chord, feel free to reach out to us with questions or for a free consultation.