Focus - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

In order to achieve most things in life, we must stay focused on its attainment. When I was a teenager I wanted badly a Schwinn Continental bicycle. I mowed a lot of yards and delivered a lot of newspapers all summer to earn the money to achieve what was important. The Bible asserts that if we don’t have vision (long-term focus) we perish. Essentially this means that if we don’t live with a purpose in life our lives can be meaningless. If money is to be a tool, why not have it as a tool to achieve something (a testimony) that requires some focused attention.

Well, we are nearly done with the first quarter of the year. Have you been focused on what’s important to you such that by now you are well into being able to accomplish what you desired for 2020 and beyond? As many of you perhaps know I am a rather serious, and some would say a somewhat accomplished nature and wildlife photographer. Some of my equipment is the best made by that manufacturer. That equipment is a tool that money (a tool) was required to acquire. But that equipment does not in and of itself take good photographs. I have to know how to use. But more importantly, I have to focus when I take photographs. And, I don’t mean just focus the camera and lens on the subject. I was taught that a really good photograph best occurs when I arrive at a location(meaning that I had to put myself in that place) and simply spend some time taking in that location thinking about what is beautiful about it, thinking and looking creatively, being patient, getting good light, arranging composition, eliminating distractions from the composition and my attention, considering what I like that others may enjoy as well, maybe seeing what others don’t, then the appropriate camera and lens settings to achieve a desirable result. All of this before pressing the shutter release and then sometimes adjustments are made to try again and again (I call this the “testing” of the concept.) This all requires focused attention.

Are you applying similar concepts to your life and financial priorities that are important to you? If, not give us a call. We are well equipped (we have the tools and experiences) to help you focus.