A Generous Heart - By Abby Smith

Jennifer Hester |

We teach our kids to give, save, and share, but what if we taught them about sharing more than is “required?” I won’t talk about the “requirement” here, but giving just a bit more than usual. We give to our kids out of a tremendous love that we have for them, so what does it look like when we teach them to give to the church or to others like that? How does our world change when we teach them that God is not just a big God but a God without limits? He will not run out of time, energy, or money! God does not need sleep or food or our money, but maybe someone you know does. He also loves and even delights in a cheerful giver! (2 Cor. 9:7). So what if we taught our kids to give more than the minimum? What if they learned it from us? What if our very big God used our own giving to meet the needs of others? I encourage you to try to give just a little bit more than you usually do.

“…we have become so accustomed to our western prosperity and its ways of life that we think five or ten percent is generous.” – "May I Split My Giving Between My Church and Another Ministry?" by John Piper