Getting Prepared

Jennifer Hester |

Recently my mom was an in an accident. She got a bruise on her face that looked like she took a right hook to the chin, bruising on her knee, and a broken arm. The broken arm required surgery and the hospital required that she provide her Living Will (may also be called a Health Care Directive). While the surgery and the incident were relatively minor, but it led to some necessary conversation about her estate. Did I know where to find her estate documents? Do I know and understand what they say? Am I aware of her wishes and what steps to take? Take some time to consider your own circumstances and if you or your family members need documents or updates. Did you know we can assist with estate planning? We can help you walk through the details so that you have clarity and security for the future.

Things to consider:

• Will
• Trust
• Health Care Directive (or Living Will in GA)
• Financial Power of Attorney
• Life Insurance
• List of Beneficiaries
• List of Assets
• List of Liabilities
• Location of document

Click here to read a real case history from one of our clients and as always, please give us a call if you have any questions!


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