Is “This” a Great Investment? By Chris Cushman

Jennifer Hester |

A frequent question asked by clients, friends and acquaintances is “What do you think about XYZ stock?” or “What is a great mutual fund” or “Is ABC a great annuity?” These are valid questions, but my response is to generally ask “What are you trying to accomplish?”

Investments are a tool to accomplish a goal. If you ask me “Do I need a wrench?” I would ask you questions about what you're trying to build or do. Some investing tools are perfect for some goals and only decent for other goals. Some investing tools are common, while others are only ideal in very specific situations. This is why people need partners to assist with this process. We help you by looking at your unique situation and helping you plan your goals, then we help you pick the tools necessary to help reach your goals most effectively. Got questions? Give us a call!