The Influence of Intentionality

Jennifer Hester |

Intentionality is also known as “being deliberate.” To some, being deliberate happens naturally, whereas for others it might be more of an (for a lack of better words) intentional effort. Believe it or not, whether it comes naturally or has to be a more focused effort, I would argue it is seldom an intentional effort. What do I mean by this? Reflect on what objectives you must cross off your list each day in order for your day to be considered a success.

Spending time alone in prayer, devoting time to my Bride, reviewing my finances, giving my Legacy Planning family 110% effort, as well as morning coffee are most essential on a daily basis to me. (Okay, coffee might be a stretch!) These are the objectives that have to be completed each day in order for me to feel it’s been a worthwhile use of time. Why? Put simply because these tasks are important to me and I enjoy doing them! There are some days that are harder than others and the time put it in was definitely not effortless. It is because of their meaning and joy they bring to my personal life, I am able to experience the power of intentionality often without realizing it. Did you catch that? It is to the degree of importance and joy those objectives bring to you, that directly determine the degree to which you focus intently on pursuing an objective or life event.

As you are reflecting on what your significant objectives are, also consider the wonderful yet solemn biblical truth written to us by Paul from Ephesus: “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of time, because the days are evil”. As Paul noted above in Ephesians 5:15-16, time is something that we are provided for some predetermined instance and is to be used correspondingly. Wow! If that is not a motivator, I don’t know what else would be! With this in mind and as you refer back to your key important objectives; I implore you to consider being intentional with one more. One, which unfortunately gets ignored more than it’s actually observed, finances. Not because I ask, but because I can confidently say that each of these objectives that matter most to you undoubtedly influence your decisions on your finances. We at Legacy Planning Group want to assist you with both the time and resources entrusted to you, while intentionally providing direction in your journey to arriving at the heart of what matters most, to you! It begins by having an intentional conversation in determining what is important to you and how these influence not only your life, but your legacy.

by Branden Côté