It's Not Fair - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

I remember saying that to my mother one time. She minced no words with her reply “Son – you best get rid of that thinking because life is not fair.” My parents had done something for my brother they didn’t also do for me. Were they loving me less? Did they think less of me? Absolutely not. What they were doing was in my best interest. They loved me equally as my brother, I was being treated uniquely in that instance.

So, here’s the question. Will your estate planning final decisions be received with the thoughts or expressed words – “That’s Not Fair!” or perhaps “That’s Not Right!” Our lives can be complicated. Unresolved relational matters can lead to a bitter spirit. More often than not, and unfortunately, left unresolved matters influence how beneficiaries of estates view their gifts. They may appreciate what’s been received and yet when the comparison game begins, resentment sets in.

What if your decision was to leave your entire estate to charity? Would your family understand? Your decision is likely quite proper but without communication your intentions may be misunderstood because of some unresolved issue.
For many advisors in the financial planning industry conversations around these challenging topics go far beyond their comfort zones. Give us a call. We can help.



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