Joyful, Pleasing, Rewarding - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Last week, duties during the day kept me from watching the memorial service for George H.W. Bush. Last evening my wife and I attended a Christmas party with 181 friends from our church. I had heard throughout the day various reports of just how good was the celebration of our 41st Presidents life. When I got home I stayed up past midnight to watch the replay of the services. One cannot have listened to the moving tributes made as they honored and reflected upon their experiences of life and relationship with this man and not have been brought to the edge of tears at least once. For me, it was when the Priest of the church the Bush’s attended in Texas shared of the last 30 minutes or so of the Presidents life. One story told was that of the kind of relationship that existed between the President and Jim Baker. Baker was one of the President’s closest friends and while serving as President, Jim Baker served as the President’s Chief of Staff. The story told that got to me was that in the final hour or so of life Jim Baker was massaging the President’s feet. We know from the word of God (Jn 13:1-17) that this is mentioned as a means of demonstrating love of another person. Jesus did that when he washed Peter’s feet. I happen to know that President George W. Bush, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, John Maxwell, James Dobson, and others have a 1/6th life size bronze sculpture titled “Divine Servant” of Jesus washing Peter’s feet. As the re-play showed, the cameras were on Jim Baker as the story was told. He wept. Imagine that; a former Chief of Staff of the President of the United States was massaging the President’s feet. Such humility. Such love. How can it be? President Bush had been taught as a child by his mother to live humbly and respectfully. From all the stories told, and from my observance of his life he sure seemed to do so. From what I gather, President George H.W. Bush lived a joyful, pleasing and certainly rewarding life, by touching and humbly engaging and influencing others. Here at Legacy Planning Advisors we almost weekly remind ourselves that there is no such thing as purely financial decisions and how we invest in, serve and empower the lives of others can be a demonstration of love. I hope we’re doing this well.