Know-Believe-Do - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Soooo – How are you doing?? What are you believing that may be affecting your Do? Have you already Done something and still not sure if what you did was the right thing to do? What is it that you know? Is it true? Here’s what I know: All behavior results from thinking or feeling.

The question is: Is what I know also true? The world is deceptive and in a sense seeks its own gain. The media seeks its own agenda. Newspapers(the few that still exist) seek their own agenda. Magazines – The same. Investment people – The same. That’s part of the problem. Who/What do I believe? Seek truth. It will set you free.

Soooo, how are you thinking or feeling? About the economy, your family, relationships, work, stock market, church, upcoming elections? Do you believe what the political candidates are saying?

What are your values, beliefs, convictions that affect your do? What are you thinking about doing?? Is your portfolio properly positioned to help you achieve your lifetime goals? If you are not content about how you feel about these questions, Let’s have a conversation. Maybe we can help set you free.