Know/Believe/Do - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |


There is a lot behind this little diagram and not enough space to unpack it in one article but we'll get started and dig deeper as time goes along, exploring its implications in various facets. Personally, I have always been fascinated with its applications, implications and insights gained.

Simply stated: What we believe is almost always influenced by what we know or have experienced, and what we believe almost always influences our “do”. Don’t read further until you’ve thought about that for a few minutes. Think how this may relate to all areas of life. You’ll begin to see what I mean.

Let's go a little further by considering this in light of some of the issues of our day. A lot of changes are taking place in our country today. These changes are bringing great uncertainty, causing fear and concern for many. If we believe something is true, it's almost guaranteed to influence what we do. Sometimes a belief is also driven by fear. Sometimes, that fear is driven by something we believe to be true (whether it's true or false, real or perceived). How we respond to fear can be influenced by how we've experienced life in the past. The key is whether we believe on the basis of truth; or faith in something or someone. Many Americans are exposed to incredible amounts of information in the midst of all this change. The media, airways, magazines, smart phones and internet, all allow us immediate access to the last-minute news and updates. The "noise" is almost relentless. If we listen enough, we come to believe that it is also true. This belief can have a profound impact on our lives through the decisions we ultimately make (the “do”). Is what you are choosing to do today, based on truth?? Faith?? Let’s unpack how this pertains to your life in our next conversation.