Lessons in Delayed Gratification - By Chris Cushman

Jennifer Hester |

This is a critical lesson for everyone to learn. Patience is tough to learn but there are several concepts that can help us teach this to our children.

1. Start early – This can be as simple as setting a timer and telling a child he can do/have something when the timer beeps.
2. Priorities – Have a conversation about what a child really wants. Many of those things will take time to acquire or save to attain.
3. Natural tendencies – Some children are savers and some are spenders. Savers can realize delayed gratification if you simply show them a way to save. Saving is easy for them and fun. Spenders need a different approach. Don’t talk about saving. Talk about the concept of spending now vs spending later. Their focus is spending so use that focus by giving them pictures of what they can buy in the future. Help them bypass current purchases by keeping a long-term perspective (sometimes long-term is waiting a week or a month for a child!) Spenders don’t resonate with “saver” language so use “spender” language that they will understand. Adapt any message for the child’s tendency so truth will resonate with them!

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