As A Man Thinks - By Abby Smith

Jennifer Hester |

As A Man Thinks

There are a few phrases and concepts that are frequently heard around our office. “Everything affects everything else” and “Know-Believe-Do.” I recently read an online article with a similar conviction entitled These Beliefs are What Separate Wealthy People from Everyone Else. The article was based on research conducted by Thomas C. Corley, he called the “Rich Habits Study.” Over the course of five years Corley interviewed 361 individuals and asked them a series of questions; at the heart of which two following questions:

1. Why are some people rich and some people poor?
2. What do the rich and the poor do from the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment they go to bed at night?

After analyzing the responses Corley uncovered habits and behaviors and choices for both the rich and the poor. Corley found that personal attitudes, habits, and beliefs lead to the success, or lack of success of the person, regardless of the person’s background. It is the person that takes responsibility for themselves that does well. Some of the key beliefs to success are listed below:

• I must read to learn
• Money and wealth are good
• There is an abundance of money and wealth to go around
• Opportunities are everywhere
• Failure is just another way to learn
• No one succeeds on their own.
• Birds of a feather flock together. I will avoid toxic people and surround myself with success-minded people.
• If I help others succeed, I will succeed.
• Success takes time.
• Time is the most valuable resource. I must make efficient use of my time. Wasting it is a crime

Reading this article, Proverbs 23:7 kept coming to mind – that as we think, so we are. We enjoy these conversations, encouraging you to do well, and would love to speak further about how what you know affects what you believe and therefore what you do.