Peculiar People - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

We are a peculiar people - Different and unique all at the same time. We all are created in God’s image but with different looks and “personality DNA’s.” Yet we all have the same physical DNA components. Almost 30 years ago I quickly learned that three factors will most influence the financial decisions that people make – how they are wired (personality DNA), what they believe and life experiences. Certainly, there are external influences as well such as the culture of our society or family influences. We are peculiar because of how we are brought up in family lifestyles. Two families on the same street may live in very similar houses and have the same general lifestyle but one family may have paid off their mortgage because they believe debt is bad while the neighbor believes a consumptive lifestyle is better – IE: spend now save later. Some people are savers and some are spenders. Some say keeping up with the Jones is bad while others will say its important for a variety of reasons – IE: “Birds of a feather need to flock together” is an adage. In over 60 years of life I have learned (believe and trust), though we are all peculiar people, transcendent principles are applicable to all of us. Principles are like highway guardrails. They provide boundaries and can protect us. Do you know these transcendent principles for financial and life decisions? If you don’t or are not sure give us a call. We’ll be glad to share them with you. Something else to ponder - If you have children or grandchildren what are you teaching them to believe?