Perspective on Estate Planning - By Chris Cushman

Jennifer Hester |

When you talk about your life’s final wishes and the plan for your estate the conversation usually focuses on what documents (wills, trusts, powers of attorney) are ideal to pass assets to kids. Our lives are busy and we need to get some things in order so we can check one more thing off our list. Many of these thoughts and conversations can be tough and so we naturally want to get through it quickly. I want to offer a different path.

Our memories can be full of joy and laughter, but the same thoughts can bring sadness if we only lament that the “good ole days” that won’t return. Looking forward we have a similar choice. Will we see the future as the next great adventure or cower in fear of the unknown? Planning your own funeral seems to remove chance of adventure, but what about adventures between now and then? What about the impact you can have that extends long after you are gone? What about the adventures, joy and excitement of your heirs?

The greatest plans are created when you view a future of impact and possibility. Why? Because the opposite perspective can often cause people to arrange a hasty plan or avoid planning altogether. Many situations in life can be difficult, but where possible, choose to plan with joy dwelling on adventure, impact, and changing lives for the better. What are some of the keys to positive impact? Stay tuned for my next blog! Or give us a call and talk about your own situation.


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