Principles Still Apply - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

The election has passed and we still don’t know who the next President will be. In spite of this relative uncertainty and what policies the President will seek to employ I have learned over my lifetime that principles for life and financial decision making still apply. Principles don’t guarantee success but they do improve the probabilities for a better outcome. Disciplined long-term application of these principles and regular annual reviews for progress along with the renewing of our minds will increase your clarity and confidence. It's our focus at Legacy Planning Advisors to counsel you accordingly.

Transcendent Principles - Wisdom Principles for Counsel

1.  Understand that God owns, controls, and provides it all. PSALM 24:1; 1 CHRONICLES 29:11-12

• We are simply managers of His resources.

• God can take whatever He wants, whenever He wants.

• Every spending decision is a spiritual decision.

• Stewardship cannot be faked.

2.  Set long-term written financial goals. PROVERBS 16:9; PROVERBS 24:27

3.  Spend less than you earn. PROVERBS 13:11

4.  Avoid the use of debt. PROVERBS 22:7

5.  Avoid a consumptive lifestyle. ECCLESIASTES 5:1 0

“The foolish spends whatever he gets.” PROVERBS   21:20

6. Steady Plodding Brings Prosperity. PROVERBS   21:5

7. Diversify. ECCLESIASTES 11:1-6

8. Time – Not Timing. ECCLESIASTES 3:1

9. Live Generously – You’re Not Living Unless You’re Giving.

10. Live With Eternity in Mind.