Ravi Zacharias and Gospel Patrons

Jennifer Hester |

As many of you know, Ravi Zacharias passed away earlier this week. He was an incredible figure among Christian Apologists & a true defender of the faith. The first place my mind went when I heard the news about Ravi’s passing was to a video that a group called Gospel Patrons produced and shared at our Kingdom Advisors conference this year. The video tells the story of Ravi & D.D. Davis – a successful businessman who believed in Ravi & gave an unexpected gift at just the right time to launch Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. We would like to share this video with you, feeling confident that you will be moved by this 15-minute video.


At Legacy Planning Advisors, we believe the only value of money is in its use. Our mission continues to be to empower our clients to create and achieve purposeful legacies of wealth beyond mere riches. We have labored to think of ways in which we might best serve you in this regard, and along with developing planning and goal-setting tools that clients are finding helpful, we also wanted to introduce you to the resources offered by Gospel Patrons. This organization’s mission is to inspire & empower a generation of Gospel Patrons – those who will use their money & influence to support those spreading the Gospel.

In light of the video above, I think it is worthwhile to ask yourself the following questions: If the only value of money is in its use, how should I use it? How much is enough? If legacies are a matter of choice – what’s mine?

These and other powerful questions are worthy of consideration. These questions and others can lead us to set goals that transform our families, community, nation, and world. We would love to speak with you more about your vision, and the concept of Gospel Patrons.