Reflections - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Reflections, there are all kinds of them. Most people never see them because you usually have to look for them to see them. I see them a lot because I like to see them. They are unusual. Sometimes they are in another person’s eyes. You usually have to get close enough to see those.(smiley face) You may see the reflections in that person’s sun glasses or how about the reflection of a tall building in another buildings glass walls. Light can reflect from ice on the road warning us of potential danger ahead. As many of you know I greatly enjoy photography. One thing a photographer will do is look for the reflections in water. The reflection may be of a portion of a grand landscape allowing the viewer to see the scene twice. But, the reflection never looks exactly like the original. Water, in particular, absorbs and reflects light. If its moving it may distort the light giving the viewer an entirely different sense of reality. That reflection may remind you of something from the past.

A friend recently posted on Facebook a photo of a reflection in water and asked the viewers to say what it looked like to them. Everybody’s answer was different. To me it looked like the roadrunner character from the old cartoon series. Have you seen the beautiful golden tones of an evening sunset softly reflecting on the waters surface? Or of white cumulonimbus clouds or cirrus clouds gently reflecting on still waters? Sometimes light reflects brightly off the tops of small water waves making it difficult to see. Routinely I can be in the field with a photography friend who sees something I don’t and I am amazed and we can stand in wonder together. This is important. All of the above can be analogies for our lives. Reflect on these for a moment, or two or three or for an hour or even a day. Are you rightly reflecting? What reflections of you are you making upon the world? How are your reflections on worldly affairs affecting your financial decision making? A wholly devoted financial advisor takes the time to help you rightly reflect. Now is a good time to do that. Reflecting can help us to rightly regard the past, present and future. To maybe see something we didn’t see before. Give us a call.


PS: Walk around your car and look for all the interesting reflections in the windshield. You may have to do some bending about the knees. Take a picture. Or in the quietness of your room at home, bend your knees to rightly reflect on what is and who is important.