Relationships are Central - by Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

What's important to you and why?

I’ve spent some time thinking about this lately. How about you? We have many of them in our lives. Family, Church, Friends, Acquaintances, Relatives, Professionals, Physicians, Associations, etc. Don’t you feel better when your doctor knows you a bit, when he or she is willing to take those few extra minutes to listen and ask more than the required fact finding questions? Does your financial advisor know what’s important to you and why? Are they asking good questions and willing to risk the relationship?

Recently I’ve counseled a couple (not as clients) that a client asked me to help. This couple is in trouble. Their relationship is on the rocks. Money is a big issue – for both of them, but in different ways. But the fundamental issue is the relationship. When we all die and depart this world we take nothing of this world with us. But we do leave behind relationships. Think about that.