Return on Life Not Return on Investment By Branden Côté

Jennifer Hester |

Return on Life Not Return on Investment

By Branden Côté




 In America today, we are often dominated by pressure and performance which are not bad provided they are utilized effectively. Otherwise the risk of being sucked into the vacuum of a results driven mindset becomes prominent yielding minimal true impact…guilty. How about you?

In such a result driven lifestyle, one’s view of their personal position on life tends to only be clouded due to the constant chase of:

·         Return on investment

·         Quantity over quality

·  Price

·         Hottest mutual funds

Granted these are tools & techniques but this is exactly all they are, vehicles to accomplish the objective. If not utilized as such, the minimal result becomes a life impacted by money. Where instead shifting the focus to allow money to be impacted by your life, individual progress becomes personally focused on what is happening in life now, while beginning with the end in mind for what is anticipated to come, positively or negatively:

·         Career Transition

·         Retirement Possibilities

·         Estate Settlement

·         Care For Special Needs Child

·         Succession Planning

·         Loss of Spouse or loved one

Don’t get lost in the world of impersonal ideas. Instead, allow progress to become personal. After all, progress begins with truth. It starts with a conversation all about you & the return on your life. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.