Scary Times - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Scary Times? Without question! Uncertain Times? Without Question!

So, what’s new? It’s always something different, isn’t it?

For well over 30 years I have sought counsel, wisdom, and knowledge. In part, very early on because honestly, I don’t like not having the answers. However, over the years I have learned that I can be excellent in my field of choice and still not have all the answers. Instead, it is the wisdom I still yearn to gather - Wisdom from those who have traveled before me and who have learned far more than I. I love truth and principles that can be transferred for impact and influence. Transformations are more likely to occur. I have notebooks that are filled with almost 30 years of Sunday morning worship wisdom and principles that have come from the wisdom of my Pastor(s) who desire to equip and disciple others for greater works.

I can also confidently say that in addition to my Pastor’s teachings I have invested more than $300,000 in coaching and consulting fees over the last 30 years. When Camille and I started Legacy Planning 30 years ago we hired a consultant in year one to coach and mentor us in certain business principles. We met with her every week for 2 and one-half years. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of our times with her and the things she equipped us in knowing and applying.

For seven years I participated in the Strategic Coaching program offered by Dan Sullivan. When I first learned of Dan in 1992 he was sharing thoughts about the transformations to come in the Financial Planning industry. Almost 30 years later most of those changes have transpired or are still in progress. I’m glad I listened to him.

About 15 years ago I became part of what today is known as Kingdom Advisors. Ron Blue is the Founder. I was an early adopter of what today has become a major and transforming influence in the financial planning community. I was instrumental in starting the study groups now going strong today in Atlanta and now there are some 300 study groups across America. I was part of the very first coaching program Kingdom Advisors had to offer. I got to sit at the feet of wonderful teachers. Ron was and still is one of those folks whom I listen for wisdom and counsel.

Early on in the formative years of Kingdom Advisors, I used to moderate (or co-moderate at times ) a monthly coaching call for advisors across America. Our subject matter for those calls was about Charitable Giving and we would have guest speakers the likes of Henry Blackaby or Chuck Colson or Dr. Ken Boa, to name a few. In the late 2008 and early 2009 time periods, there was a lot of fear and uncertainty. There were two conference calls that to this day still stand out in my memory and have been part of my conscience ever since. They were with Chuck Colson and Dr. Blackaby. Two separate calls at different times. In times not too long thereafter I had the pleasure of meeting both of these wonderful men. Chuck Colson at a charitable fundraising event in Tennessee with clients and in a separate coaching session with Dr. Blackaby and his son for a whole day. Not too many years thereafter Chuck Colson died.

Why am I sharing all of this with you in the context of a letter titled “Scary Times?” Because in all of this coaching and sermons I have learned countless volumes of knowledge, wisdom, and timeless and transcendent principles, that I know I can stand firmly upon. Not sinking sand or something prone to decay. I have tried to apply all of this personally and into the counsel I offer others. I think it's my only real value proposition.

Now I will share with you what I consider the most important counsel that I steadfastly know and believe I can say at this point when we all are facing scary and uncertain times.

Fear and Faith cannot co-exist. Yes, that’s it!! That’s the formula. Getting there however is a process!! Fear is a cousin of worry. Fear, however, can lead us to make a faith decision. If a decision is being based upon worry and anxieties alone we are more prone to bad decisions. If a faith decision can be based upon timeless and transcendent principles and wise counsel of those in our lives who care we are more likely to have a better outcome.

At Legacy Planning we are committed to better outcomes. We can’t guarantee perfect outcomes but we are committed to better outcomes. Personally, I like great returns on investment. I am prayerful our investments in all kinds of coaching and teaching and mentoring, along with a lot of lifelong experiences will produce better life returns for you.

If you are feeling uncertain we are here to help. Give us a call. If you know someone who might need help, give them our contact info or better yet, personally introduce them.

I mentioned two people: Dan Sullivan and Ron Blue:

Following are links to two videos or podcasts they have recently produced.

I hope you find value in them. Dan’s podcast lends itself more to business owners but the principles he shares are relevant to individuals nonetheless.



Used with permission by Mike Malatesta and Kingdom Advisors.