Should a Christian own a million-dollar home? By Peter Geckeler

Jennifer Hester |

I was recently listening to a financial planning podcast, and this question was posed by an individual calling into the podcast. I have not been asked this specific question but have certainly had conversations with individuals around this idea of the appropriate Christian lifestyle. As I have studied this topic using the Word & resources such as Kingdom Advisors, a few principles have stood out to me that have shaped my personal beliefs & actions around lifestyle: Beliefs: - We are commanded as believers to provide for our family (1 Timothy 5:8); however, no amount of wealth can be accumulated to protect my family’s lifestyle against all contingencies (Proverbs 18: 10 - 11) - I can learn to be content, and financial contentment is a choice (Philippians 4: 11 – 13) - The bible does not define a “Christian Lifestyle,” but it does call us to live the lifestyle chosen with joy Actions: - Prayerfully seek God’s direction regarding the lifestyle that he has called you - Learn to be content, which includes avoiding coveting - Do not determine your lifestyle by comparing it to others, and do not be “conformed to this world.” - Make an effort to live more simply and enjoy that which the Lord has provided. When I consider the world’s view on lifestyle, I am reminded of the quote by Will Rogers – “Too many people spend money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” We are called to be set apart as believers – so if you take nothing else from reading this blog, I would encourage you to spend just five minutes in prayer today seeking the Lord’s guidance regarding the specific lifestyle that he has called you.