Stop It! - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

There is a wonderful old clip from the old TV show with Bob Newhart. Young folks might not even know who Bob Newhart is. He is an actor. In this clip Bob Newhart is a psychologist, maybe a psychiatrist. I can’t remember for sure. In the episode a lady comes to his office for counsel and as the session goes on Newhart finally just says to her numerous times – Stop It – Just Stop It. Its provocative therapy sometimes to just hear that. Lately I found myself just having to Stop It! Like the lady in the episode I was all wound up – tight as drum. I had been watching Fox News every single night and then the next day wondering why I had not slept well. And on a couple of occasions I was being short with my wife or less accepting of others. I had to Stop It!! Watching Fox News every night that is. Getting all lathered up over the events of the day or world events, the decay of our culture was not helping me. The same can be true for you if you are looking at your investments every day. Add to that the news of the day and you’ll drive yourself nuts, even losing perspective. STOP IT!!!! Having difficulty doing that? Let’s have a conversation.