Talking to Strangers - by Chris Cushman

Jennifer Hester |

We tell kids their whole life not to talk to strangers to keep them safe. Many kids in high school and college aren’t exposed to life outside their bubble. If you want your kids to have a well-rounded view of the world, help them meet different people. Consider the following ideas:

1. Have them visit an impoverished area third world country. Consider visiting nicer areas as well and discuss the contrast.
2. Have them converse with someone you might consider financially blessed. Have them also interact with a homeless mission locally. Consider scheduling these events close together to spur conversation.
3. Have your kids interact with different races/cultures.
4. Have you kids interact with a variety of different aged people; little kids, adults, senior, etc. Can they learn to be comfortable with people of every age?

See how they respond in each situation. What did they learn from listening? Can they become comfortable meeting new and different people? How did their views change?

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