They say timing is everything - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Yet, when was the last time you can remember that everything happened exactly as you wanted or expected? It’s important to get to the departure gate on time. I learned that one time. I was on time for the flight departure but still they wouldn’t let me on the plane because they had finished boarding and closed the door. My timing was off. But I was also the victim of bad timing. My connecting plane from Israel was late and the gate attendant at the connecting gate had no sympathy. My son and I waited for the next flight home four hours later. Bad timing. We did enjoy each other’s company though over a nice lunch/breakfast whatever it was at that time of day. But-But we still got home – our planned destination. Sometimes our investing seems like it’s been subject to bad timing. Or perhaps we think we should have been able to better time the market. What’s your destination? Need some wise counsel? Give us a call! BTW: Do you know or remember mechanics used to “set the timing” on your car?