Tool, Test, Testimony - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Have you ever thought about money this way before? I have been studying money and matters of money for a very long time now. I became somewhat enamored about it when at age 11 my grandfather handed me a silver dollar. Its history is extremely interesting to me. How it affects people is even more interesting to me. What people believe about it is profoundly interesting to me. How I find myself thinking and feeling about it at times takes me to significant introspection. A number of years ago, I heard Ron Blue, founder of Kingdom Advisors(an organization of which I have been a member almost from its inception) proposed the thought that money is three things: A Tool, A Test, or A Testimony. This blog does not allow the time to explore the depths of that wisdom, so for the moment I’ll focus on money as a tool. Principally this tool only has four uses – Live, Give, Owe, Grow. We use it to Live and provide for family. Setting lifestyle standards is key. Giving is a measure of where our hearts lie. We may Owe because of debts or taxes. Debt is a presumption upon future provision – potentially a slippery slope. Taxes are an indication of our prosperity. Growing money thru lifestyle margin and investing provides for future provision for family, business, helping others. Knowing these seems simple. How are you doing? Now comes the test and testimony. Let’s have a conversation. Or contact the great folks at Kingdom Advisors. We are now 2200 strong nationwide and they’ll know someone who will help.