Tough Talk About College - by Abby Smith

Jennifer Hester |

For parents and kids alike, talking about where to go to college can be exciting and daunting for many reasons. It’s a whole new chapter that may include living away from home, taking on a job, taking on loans, and that is just “how to get there,” not all the wonderful things to learn and life-long friendships to make. But we at Legacy want to share a couple of thoughts with you that you may find surprising: First, you don't necessarily owe your child a college education. Second, it is better to be older and ask “how can I help you?” than to be older and need to ask for help (Jerry Black, paraphrased). While you want your children to be successful, a pricey or out of state tuition does not guarantee success. Think long term, beyond the four years your kids are in college, and be mindful of dipping into your own retirement to pay for their education. There are ways to save on and pay for college including in-state tuition and work study. If you need more options, ask us, we are prepared for the tough conversation.

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