The Transfer Decision - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Unless we’ve been successful at spending it all before we die, we will be transferring our property and possessions to somebody else. The Question: Has the right person and people been chosen, and more importantly, properly prepared? A lot can and has been written on this subject for good reason. Just this week alone I’ve had three conversation with people who are struggling with making the right decisions, and again, for good reason. Lives are affected by our transfer decisions. Many professionals in this industry simply refer to it as estate planning. Do you recognize that your final decisions will be your last decisions that you are empowering someone else to implement? But estate planning is very personal. This could well be your most important stewardship decision. People are involved and people matter. People are messy sometimes and relationships can be fractured. Our lives are not simple and everything tends to affect everything else. It becomes emotional because the social, relational and sometimes spiritual aspects of our lives influence how we feel, think, believe and do. Sorting through those complexities takes time, competent counsel, and honesty and transparency. At Legacy Planning Group we get it. We understand, because we seek first to understand. We ask important questions and listen well. Give us a call.