Troubled Waters - By Jerry Black

Jennifer Hester |

Perhaps you might identify. When I was in my late teens (11th and 12th grades) I had few friends. My father’s work caused two family moves that made having long term friends very hard. During that time frame Simon and Garfunkel's song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” had deep meaning for me. Lyrics such as “when you’re feeling down and out,” “when friends just can’t be found,” “when you’re weary, feeling small,” “when tears are in your eyes,” “like a bridge over troubled waters, I will ease your mind” all spoke to me. Over almost 30 years of serving others as a financial advisor and at times, a life coach, these lyrics have been in the back of my mind. At Legacy Planning Advisors we know there is no such thing as a purely financial decision. Life has its troubled waters. Financial Advisors should be there for you at all times because it’s about relationship – Not transaction. Laying down ourselves for one another is a good thing. And, “when times get rough”, we should help ease your mind. Forty-six years later I can still listen to the song and be reminded of those past days, and the present, and reflect why what we do at Legacy is so important in the lives of others. If your times are not quite what you think they should be – give us a call. We know there’s no such thing as a purely financial decision.