The True Measure of Success

Jennifer Hester |

We had such a wonderful evening at our 25th Anniversary Celebration in April. Thank you to all who were able to attend and we know those who couldn’t attend were there in spirit! In keeping with the celebratory theme of you, our dear clients and friends, we wanted to let you know how we at Legacy measure success! Our success is measured by the degree to which you recognize and experience certain characteristics in your life, as you partner with us in a long-term trusted advisor relationship. To that end, we have 16 key indicators of client success which are as follows:

•    You’re experiencing greater clarity, confidence, increased capability and contentment from the planning work you and your advisor have done.
•    You begin to experience a sense of financial freedom and peace of mind from working with a like-minded trusted advisor.
•    You have a sense of being empowered to achieve those things most important to you and an understanding of why they are important.
•    You’ve developed and are managing a plan to achieve dreams that gives you a more long term focus and perspective.
•    You find yourselves giving charitably and generously.
•    Your participation in a structured planning process is helping you create and achieve purposeful goals; you find you are living with intentionality.
•    You are looking at things from an eternal perspective; understanding the vertical rather than horizontal nature of work with a biblical worldview.
•    The next steward(s) in your family are chosen and becoming prepared.
•    You’ve gained clarity on “How much is enough?” and “Who owns it?”
•    As you intentionally move toward a debt free lifestyle, you find yourself living a more simplified and satisfying life.
•    You’ve become comfortable being transparent with your trusted advisor, sharing in goal-setting and celebrating success.
•    You experience increased spousal unity and balance in your lives.
•    You no longer measure success(true wealth) by the size of your investment accounts or net worth.
•    You are using money to build financial, spiritual, and social capital into your children’s(or grandchildren) lives.
•    Investing will no longer be seen purely as financial but also as social and spiritual.
•    And finally, you will one day hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Our desire at Legacy is to see you empowered to create and achieve purposeful legacies of wealth beyond mere riches and our key indicators support that desire. While some advisors focus on only temporal wealth creation, Legacy’s focus is also on eternal wealth creation. We know that the only value of money is in its use. Will you use yours wisely? Will you have an impact on others during your lifetime and beyond your lifetime? If it’s time to evaluate these questions, please give us a call to schedule some time to talk. We look forward to serving you!