The Truth About Results - by Chris Cushman

Jennifer Hester |

A few weeks into the new year some people are still very motivated to reach new heights.  Other folks might be losing steam already.  This article will address the foundational truth about accomplishing a goal and why so many people tend to fall short.

To get anything done in the world you need 3 things:

  1. Desire to do something (WHAT & WHY?)
  2. A plan to execute (or knowledge on HOW to do something.)
  3. The Ability or Capability to act (or in the case of delegating, others’ ability to act!)

When a goal isn’t accomplished many people will admit that they COULDN’T DO something, but does the failure really stem from a lack of ability?  This is possible but it’s rarely the case.

The main reason is a lack of desire.  Whenever someone desires something, they will do it.  When they don’t do it, it’s generally because they desire something else more.  The desire to eat healthily isn’t as strong as their desire for cake.  Their desire for a healthier body isn’t as strong as their desire for relaxing or watching TV.  The ultimate (stronger) desire ends up determining actions.  Actions determine the destination.

TAKEAWAY:  Count the cost of your goal.  Do you desire a goal enough to pay the price of time, effort, money, and sacrifices?  If you don’t desire the goal more than the cost, then this goal won’t get done.  Be honest with yourself.  What’s the true cost? How strong is your desire?  Is this a “Should Do” or a “Must Do”

When a person is totally committed, they can still fall short because they follow the wrong plan or don’t have a plan at all.  If you paid a lot of money to the best experts in the world, what would they tell you? What would they give you as a plan?  When your desire is high enough, your desire to know HOW becomes relentless.

TAKEAWAY:  Find the smartest advisors to help craft the best plan and make sure this plan is customized to you.

When a plan has been created, a goal is usually possible.  If a plan is possible and your desire is strong enough, then your ability has already been decided.  A stretch goal that isn’t possible would fall apart in the planning phase.  If you desire to jump 20 feet in the air, there is no rational way to get there. Execution can fall apart from unforeseen circumstances like injury, sickness, or other life emergencies.  This isn’t as common, but it does happen.

TAKEAWAY:  Relentless execution comes from that constant desire for a clear vision.  Renew your energy, accountability, and motivation.  The goal is more about who you must become to accomplish the goal.  Be honest with yourself about what you CAN and CANNOT do.

Give yourself grace when a life change occurs.  Just do your part when it comes to desire, commitment, planning, and execution!  When changes occur, rise above and grow!

What goal would you like to accomplish?  Let me know and we’d be happy to share further ideas to help you succeed!