When You Should Call Legacy Planning Group?

Jennifer Hester |

Perhaps you’ve wondered if it’s time to call Legacy. Perhaps you already know we would love to hear from you and put put strategies in place that can help put your mind at ease. Here are a few times you may certainly want to pick up the phone:

1. You have begun to save some money, your assets are beginning to grow and want to be sure that you are protected for the long term.
2. You have other goals in your life for fitness, family, and spiritual life but want to know that your financial goals make sense and can be achieved. You may even have some investments, but want assurance that there is a cohesive plan for your future and that considers your whole financial picture.
3. You have kids to consider. They are growing and so are their expenses – clothes, braces, cars, college, weddings.
4. You have a family member that has passed away and you don’t quite know what to do with the inheritance.
5. You are buying or building a house or renovating your current home. Perhaps you are hoping to downsize and simplify.
6. You are changing jobs or about to retire, you have a 401(k) and don’t know what to do with it.
7. You are finally ready to update your estate documents and have just learned that Legacy can help you create a plan that makes sense and will assist you in the process. Creating a plan that can empower your spouse and family members leaving them in hands you trust and a plan that won’t leave them burdened.
8. You have life insurance, an annuity, or some other investment that you are thinking about and want to be sure that you fully understand it and that it is the right choice for right now.

We experience life’s ups and downs right along with you. If a circumstance has changed in your life or you just need some clarity we welcome the chance to speak with you.