Wisdom Must Be Transferred Before Wealth - By Branden Côté

Jennifer Hester |

“From generation to generation” still rings true today, especially in terms of dollar figures. This is largely due in part to the understanding of timeless wisdom of generations before, modeling this wisdom to their heirs & so on. It is this accumulation of wisdom “transferred” to our heirs that provides the clarity to evoke a lasting impact over an individual’s life. Thus, illustrating exactly what Wealth Transfer is not, merely just a handover. Wealth Transfer is more to the tune of an intentional process. A process which is accomplished through intently learning, teaching, and modeling results formed through the consideration of principle driven decisions.

Beginning with our Treasure or “wealth” in mind (illustration above), initiates the reflection on how you came into this world with nothing. Therefore, the same goes for when you leave it. Now what? You can’t take it with you, you can always send it on ahead.

Whether you feel confidence or angst at this fact, understand it begins with conversation. These are honest conversations with family, centered around multiple decisions. These must occur in order to yield an outcome that has the potential to effectively prepare, equip, & empower our heirs to leave a lasting impact on the next. It is then, after clarity is achieved, implementation of a meaningful transfer can begin. Need to begin a discussion? Give us a call.