How do you define “quality of life” for yourself?

You probably consider your financial well-being to be part of that subjective definition of “quality of life”, but certainly not all of it. Do you think about your relationships with family? The amount of free time and opportunities to relax?

Many of us consider our personal health and the health of our loved ones to be the bottom line for “quality of life”; especially if you have coped with a life-threatening event. And, at some point in the evaluation of “quality of life”, the question of balance comes in — fitting all the moving parts of your busy life into a manageable whole.

At Legacy Planning Advisors, we believe that your financial health is intrinsically interwoven with the other aspects of your life – hence our emphasis on the 5 Fs. Take a look at the two thought-provoking self-assessment tools below:

Quality of Life Gauge
Financial Satisfaction Thoughtlist

There are no right or wrong answers; only the chance to discover and unlock more of your potential to live a satisfied and meaningful life.

If you’d like to discuss where you stand with regard to your satisfaction with life and financial matters, give us a call and bring them with you when we meet. Let’s have a conversation.